im practicing

27 07 2009

im practicing i might be an editor on a blog so im practicing my posts practice practice practice lol im practicing pie pie pie pie pie lol lol lol lol lost of leters leters leters words words words senteces senteces senteces paragraphs paragraphs


i got bored

23 07 2009

i got bored and i havent posted in a while so i thought i would post bye

Where am I?

17 06 2009

Hey guys, I just want to say that you can find me here on as Rand Hawk. If you sign up, make sure you say Rand Hawk referred you, not Kirby 567. Also, try joining Platform Racing 2.


13 05 2009

Hey guys…
Sorry to break it to ya, but im quitting.
I think club penguin has become a boring, childish game.i may still get on the chats and stuff, but for now, bye

~Kirby 567~

Edit: I hope this isn’t to much to ask, but go HERE, download it,Start it up. Then, right click thisF@H , go up to configure…, an change the name to Rand Hawk (it will automaticly change it to Rand_Hawk), then change the team number to 143016 , and then, let it stay there and don’t mess with it.
Bye forever

Some news I need to share with Kirby567 and everyone else

10 05 2009

Hello Kirby567’s blog viewers its Soniccheater again but this time with a strike of bad news and good news… I’ll start with the bad news.  BAD NEWS: I might be shutting down the chat of because of the lack of activity on it. GOOD NEWS: YOU (authors,admins,members of the forum,viewers,ect.) can make me change my mind and make me NOT close down APCP chat by commenting on this post. My decision will affect 50% of the vote depending how you guys comment on this post. I will post another post as soon as im sure the votes are in.Voting will be taking place from May,10,09-July,4,09 and I will make the other post accompanying this post on July,5,09 at 12:00 P.M. Easter Standard Time. You can comment 3 types of comments which are, Close the chat down, Keep the chat open, or I really don’t care. Well what are you guys waiting for? COMMENT!!!


Midevil Party and a bit of other news

9 05 2009

Hello viewing world it’s Soniccheater again here to update you on the Midevil Party that is out and going right now. It seems there is some exclusive knight armor for the members who can pass the “special quest” club penguin has brought to us. If you want to know the challenges members here they are, light up the 5 orbs, hit 50 targets (you dont have to hit any you can just let other people do it for you), and complete the maze (go in this order which is reversed!!! Up, Right, Up, Left, Left, Down. Key: Up=Down, Down=Up, Right=Left, Left=Right) and a special piece of armor along the way in each challenge room.

In Other News…

A new play is at the stage and it is called The Haunting of the Viking Opera and it has a few messed up items… Well thats about all the news i have to share with you guys right now so until next time… PEACE OUT!!!!!


look what i found!

28 04 2009

this says only adminc can use it but i think its cool try to find out how to use it